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NPPD Hoskins-Neligh, 63 Miles 345kV/115kV

Project involved building 39 miles new 345kV power line between a new substation and existing sub, to include digging and pouring concrete foundation for the 173 steel poles. There was also ~20 miles of re-routed 115kV line to build with 327 wood pole structures. Conductor for both the 345kV and 115kV lines was 2 bundle T2-477 ACSR “T2-Hawk”.

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Project TypeNew 345kV, Rebuild 115kV
OwnerNebraska Public Power District
LocationNorfolk, Neb

Nebraska Public Power District
Attn: James Shafer
1414 15th Street
Columbus, NE 68602

Completion DateMay 5, 2016

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