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OG&E Woodward to Border, 95 Miles 345kV

The OG&E Woodward District EHV to Border Transmission Line project consists of 94.6 miles of 345 kV single circuit line on H-frame steel structures with bundle 2 1590 kcmil 45/7 ACSR “Lapwing” conductor and one OHGW (7#8 Alumoweld) and one OPGW (AFL-DNO 4148 36 fiber). There were 961 steel poles in 482 structures, with the heaviest structure weighing 92,897 pounds and the tallest was 135 feet. Thirty-two structures had 40 foot deep anchor bolt foundations.

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Project Type345 kV Transmission Line
OwnerOklahoma Gas & Electric
LocationWoodward, OK

Eugene Jenkins
(405) 553-5750

Completion DateMarch 1, 2014

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