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Fiber Optic Line Construction

A fiber optic system is much more complex to connect than overhead ground wires, due in part to increasingly stringent installation standards. Therefore, it requires an elevated level of attention and expertise, a level that Brink Constructors, Inc. continually meets and exceeds. While  overhead ground wires transmit high and low voltage power across a metal conductor, fiber optics transmit light. Why choose fiber optic lines in the first place? For speed, durability, longevity, easier maintenance, reduced hazards, and fulfillment of a wider range of community need.

Fiber-Optic-Line-Construction-275x250Brink Services

Brink services are equipped and prepared to handle today’s stringent installation regulations and the complex connection process. Our team provides the following services to deliver a complete fiber optic line construction experience:

  • Transmitter & Receiver Installation
  • Line Construction
  • Connector & Splice Installation
  • Testing

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