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High-Voltage Transmission Line Construction

Conductor installation is the first step to establishing a power structure and delivering energy to people and places in need. Electrical contractors are hired to build and connect networks of towers and transmission lines in order to conduct high-voltage power from its source (such as power stations or grids) across great distances to surrounding cities, towns, and rural communities.

Brink Services

high-voltage-transmission-lineconstruction-350x200Entrusting your high-voltage, long-distance commission to Brink ensures a smooth and efficient venture with safety at its core. For projects both large and small, Brink Constructors, Inc. provides the following services for a complete transmission line construction project:

  • Environmental Preparation & Clearing
  • Foundation Installation & Pole Erection
  • Tower Assembly
  • Stringing Conductor, Fiber Optic, Overhead Ground Wires

All clearing, assembly, and testing is performed by qualified technicians or quality subcontractors. In addition, all of our equipment is our own, allowing Brink to provide an all-inclusive service for the installation process. Brink Constructors, Inc. is trained and experienced with various conductor types including Single, and T2 configurations for transmission, as well as work with Distribution and Fiber Optic Wire.

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