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Storm Damage Repair

Storm damage repair covers a wide spectrum of projects ranging from small jobs such as replacing a single wood pole damaged in a storm to big projects like replacing miles of transmission line taken out by tornadoes. We work closely with helicopter companies in order to access hard to reach areas as well as for special projects such as adding bird diverters to a line. Need insulators replaced on a steel tower? Brink crews have done that too. If you have a storm damage repair project in your area, Brink Constructors can handle it, big or small.

Storm-Damage-Repair-350x200Brink Services

  • Replace Downed Conductor, Static, & Fiber Optic Lines
  • Replace Lattice Steel Towers
  • Replace Wood, Laminate, Concrete, & Steel Poles
  • Replace H-Structures (or larger)
  • Stringing, Sagging, & Clipping
  • Energized Construction Repair

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