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NPPD Storm Restoration, 15 miles 345kV Line

The NPPD Storm Restoration project involved replacing 15 miles of tornado damaged, 345kV transmission powerline. Brink began moving equipment 2 weeks after the tornado struck and began receiving materials days later. Clean up of the destroyed line was done by another contractor. Damage included two steel lattice towers and 192 wood poles. Conductor was twin bundled 795kcm 26/7 ACSR “Drake”. Both 3/8″ EHS static wire and 0.551″ diameter optical fiber wire was installed. The entire project was completed in six weeks.

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Project Type345 kV Transmission Line
OwnerNebraska Public Power District
LocationYork, Nebraska

Sterling Stolpe
Senior Project Coordinator
(402) 362-7320

Completion DateJune 30, 2014

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