Brink Projects

Our project managers, linemen, operators, groundmen, and technicians have interfaced with utility companies, large and small, in communities across the western half of the United States. As a result, our experience stretches far and wide, and we have the track record to prove it. We invite you to view a sample of our current and past projects and consider how Brink Constructors, Inc. might assist you in meeting your transmission needs.

Active construction projects, by their nature, involve collaboration among multiple individuals, organizations, and sub-contractors and may be subject to various factors that could affect their most up to date status that would not be reflected on our projects map.

Therefore, any information that is provided regarding active construction projects on this map should be taken as general information and not as a definitive representation of their current status. If you are interested in a certain area as an applicant – please consult our Apply Here page or call (605)342-6966 to speak with a recruiter.

Substation Construction

Line Construction