Our Location

As we continue to grow at a rapid rate, it’s an exciting and industrious time to be in the high-voltage electrical industry. Our home office is located in Rapid City, SD, but the nature of, and demand for, our expertise takes us all over the western United States.

The excellence of our service has placed Brink Constructors, Inc. at the top of the nationwide potential contractors bid list—a distinction we’re proud of. We’ve served a number of the big names in utility companies, public service administrations, and electrical cooperatives across the western half of the country. Likewise, we’re proud to represent South Dakota by providing the expanding electrical needs of the nation with high-quality service.

Our History

  • In 1946, Frank Brink decided to start an electric construction company, and this is where our story begins. From the start, Frank set the standard for operating the company with safety and integrity.
  • 30 years later, Brink Electric Construction Company was incorporated. In 1998, it became a subsidiary of Integrated Electric Services (IES), and then transfigured again in 2005, when the company became incorporated, once more, as Brink Constructors, Inc.
  • In August 2015, Brink became a subsidiary of Quanta Services, Inc. (PWR).
  • Ever since its first days of service, the Brink philosophy has always been to “work safely, maintain equipment, provide quality construction, complete each project in a timely manner to the satisfaction of everyone concerned, and never leave a job site without knowing we would be welcomed back.” This is still our philosophy today.

About Brink

Brink Constructors, Inc. is an electrical contractor with 70 years of experience in the areas of high voltage transmission line and substation erection. With a long and industrious history, our experienced team continues to help power the nation from its Midwestern location, now and into the future.

The Brink Philosophy

…never leave a job site without knowing we would be welcomed back.

Our People

Brink’s greatest asset is its people. Today, we employ over 200 hardworking individuals in the roles of project managers, superintendents, skilled craftsmen, administrative personnel, and safety officers. Many of our employees have been with the company for 20 to 30 years, and that makes us one of the most experienced and well-trained high-voltage electrical contractors in the industry. At the end of the day, experienced people form experienced teams. An experienced team is the surest way for a project to be completed safely, efficiently, and without timely or costly errors.

Our Ideals

At Brink, our success stems from the skilled personnel that we employ and the philosophy we instill to follow and uphold our core fundamental ideals:


Solid financial statements are imperative to continue to serve our customers. We have the financial ability to bond multiple large projects.


Brink supports and encourages employee development. We have had a Department of Labor approved apprenticeship program since 1984. It is only through our employees and their commitment to excellence that complete customer satisfaction is achieved.


All equipment is well maintained and operates at peak efficiency. Maintenance and repairs are performed in the company shops and in the field. We employ full-time mechanics to insure our equipment is running when needed.


Safety is our Number One Priority. We are serious about making sure our most important asset, our people, can go home every night to their families. Our EMR is well below the national average for our industry. Brink has five full-time Safety Officers that oversee all aspects of the safety and OSHA programs and work with crews to develop safe work plans, provide training, and continuing safety education through weekly safety meetings and field safety inspections.

Becoming a member of the Brink team is more than “just a job” or satisfactory employment—at Brink, we build careers, and we invest in the future of our people. Consider our impeccable safety record, our respectable employee retention, and our commitment to ongoing training. Once you are thoroughly convinced that our company is the right company for building or expanding your career,